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"Tami created a beautiful, artistic web site for me, which has helped me get some auditions and jobs, and also (she) was a wonderful guide through the process for someone like me who knew little about websites before. She is also prompt in making changes and keeping things up to date. I highly recommend her work."

-- Frances Devine
-- Mezzo Soprano

Tami worked with me (patiently) long distance on my site design, having to do a fair amount of guesswork on what I wanted, and came up with a site that is warm and welcoming and specifically tailored to my content. She has a wide variety of looks and options for various needs and venues and is always able to come up with alternate concepts as those needs change. I'm so pleased to finally have my website!

-- Janet Hackett
--Voice Teacher, Soprano

"I asked Tami to design me a website that would load quickly even for people using dialup, a site that reflected my personality, one that would provide easy linking within the site and to the sites listed on my Links page, and one that included easily listenable soundfiles. I got all that and beauty too, at a fantastic price. I was completely satisfied. Just look at my site, you'll see."

-- Adam Klein
-- Tenor

"True confessions first: Tami Swartz is and was a friend of mine six months ago when she offered to build a website for me. However, right off the bat I challenged her: I wanted something totally unlike the other sites she had done, something that reflected my own artistic and professional sensibilites. To my considerable surprise she selected/created fonts, backgrounds, color options and buttons that were absolutely on target, as if she knew more what I wanted than I did! I spent the next six months gathering information, reviews and pictures for my site, all the while changing this or that font, shifting this or that color and sometimes deleting entire pages. Since she is extremely personable and patient, she responded to my overlong creation process with help and humor and was always ready with a requested change or advice. Now that we have gone live with my site, I am extremely pleased and proud and consider it money well spent. I would unhesitatingly refer any client to her, no matter what their site requirements, because I simply don't think there's anything she can't do! And we're still working..."

-- Nathaniel Merchant
-- Director

"Tami Swartz worked on 2 websites for me. She redesigned my website. www.tedrosenthal.com and created a new website, www.concerts-at-home.com. Tami worked skillfully, cheerfully and efficiently. Both sites came out well-designed, stylish and user friendly."

--Ted Rosenthal
--Jazz Pianist

"Tami Swartz worked with me in a cooperative way which allowed me to explore my own creative insights and ideas while sharing with me her own ideas and expertise. She pushed her own limits to make my artwork presentable and cohesive and I'm honored to be her first visual art website."

-- Dan Springer
-- Artist

"Tami Swartz has created a beautiful, unique and functional website that combines clean lines and an outstanding artistic flair that echoes my colorful artwork."

--Erika Swartzkopf

"I have recently engaged Tami to complete a professional website for myself that was delivered to spec and in a timely manner. Her creativity toward website development will make her a great asset to anyone or any organization looking for a quick deployment of web sites that serve as a marketing channel to a target audience."

--Serena Wu

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